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Customer Spotlight

​DelGrand Dealership Group (DGDG)

When DGDG - the SF Bay Area's largest family owned auto dealership group - was looking for an energy consultant to help them retrofit 15 dealerships throughout the region, they turned to Brighton Energy.  The Brighton team fanned out to the locations, assessing the energy usage at each site and designing interior and lot lighting solutions that saved the Group on electric bills, showcased the inventory, improved safety in the employee lot, and slashed maintenance costs.  Prior to the start of the retrofit installation, Brighton worked closely with the Association of Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) partnership to arrange for attractive rebates and PG&E to secure 0% interest on-bill financing (OBF).  

Brighton Energy was able to complete the retrofits of over 7,500 lighting fixtures at the dealerships within four months from the start of the project.  The new efficient lighting saves the Group hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on their electricity bill (lowering consumption and demand charges, and carbon footprint) while the OBF allowed DGDG to preserve valuable capital to invest in inventory rather than the retrofit project.

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Solution Spotlight

​Commercial EV Charging Equipment

As the number of electric vehicles continue to grow in California, the demand for charging infrastructure at office, retail and hospitality facilities is exploding.  While many businesses see the need to install EV chargers in their parking areas, the cost and complexity of taking on such a project is prohibitive.  Brighton Energy has established a focused EVSE effort, combining knowledge of Statewide rebate programs; with electrical, code, accessibility and permitting expertise to make a project simple and cost effective.  A business owner or property manager need only determine the preferred location and a Brighton Energy Advisor will do the rest - reserving incentives from programs such as CalEVIP, SMUD EVSE, etc.; engineer; permit; and install.  

When looking for a turn-key energy savings projects, ​Brighton Energy's customers can count on our licensed installation division to assess, design and install a wide array of energy savings measures including lighting and associated controls; HVAC controls; efficient motors; and EV charging infrastructure.  Our intimate knowledge of Statewide utility rebate programs and financing options ensure commercial customers benefit from all available incentives without the effort of extensive research and paperwork.  Once a project is specified and approved by the incentive administrator, Brighton Energy's construction crew works closely with the customer to install the retrofits with minimal disruption to company operations.  Projects are designed not only for energy savings but to enhance the aesthetics, safety and comfort while reducing maintenance costs.  Brighton Energy's broad relationships with lighting, EVSE, and controls vendors ensure the flexibility to select the right products for every budget and application.  ​