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Professionalism. Brighton Solar specializes in mid-market commercial installations and works closely with our customers to ensure minimal disruption to business operations.  We build deep relationships with business owners with regular communications throughout the assessment, design, permitting and installation processes.  We take pride in our work knowing the installation will be a visible sign of our customer's clean energy commitment for years to come.

As a full service commercial energy consultant, Brighton Energy is committed to helping our customers find the lowest possible energy spend while reducing their carbon footprint.  New technology advances and utility incentives generally make efficiency measures and controls the most cost effective first step.  Once load-side optimization has occurred, many customers find that on-site generation and storage are a natural final step in addressing their energy goals.  We help customers understand the value of a potential PV solar or solar/storage project by providing accurate site assessment; load analysis, sizing and modeling; utility rate analysis; and financing and incentive options.  

Should a commercial PV Solar or Storage project be an attractive option, Brighton Solar's team of designers and engineers will create a stamped (structural & electrical) permit package and manage all pre-construction planning and building approvals.  Our volume purchasing agreements with the industry's leading component suppliers assure cost-effective, high quality products are delivered in a timely fashion to get construction started quickly.  Our highly experienced installation crew is recognized for detailed focus on safety, performance and aesthetics - producing an attractive project that will perform well for years to come.  Brighton Solar offers maintenance agreements on all installations, providing monitoring and performance optimization throughout the project's lifecycle.  We average above 1MW of small and medium commercial installations per year allowing management focus and attention to every project.  

Experience. Brighton Solar's leadership, engineers and installers hail from many of the pioneers of California's solar industry, coming together to deliver and maintain quality projects that are matched to our customer's energy goals.  Our mature team effectively integrates solar into a broader energy strategy that delivers the most cost-effective approach to bill reduction.  We have the ability to answer any technology, construction, or financial question in detail so our customers can make an informed decision.




Quality. The long term performance of a solar asset is a direct reflection on the quality of the design, components, and installation.  We take this commitment to quality seriously ensuring the appropriate technology and products are applied to each particular design challenge.  Installation is managed on-site by a Master Electrician with at least 10 years experience in interconnecting large scale projects.

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